Grass-Fed Beef Notebook

This handbook has been created as a resource starting point for individuals wanting to have more information about grass-fed beef. It is the compilation from a series of the workshops that were held with a group of Ohio dairy and beef farmers The opportunity to do the workshops and this handbook came from a grant provided by the Agricultural Marketing Service’s Farmers Market Promotion Program, United States Department of Agriculture. The project was titled “ Building a Grass-Fed Beef Production Infrastructure To Support Marketing and Serve Consumers’ Demands. “

The suggested resources are designed to lead you to other information sites as you seek to learn about creating, processing, and marketing grass-fed beef. You may choose to use specific sections as questions arise or you may use the handbook as a guide to developing a grass-fed beef farm.

Small Farm Institute 2009

Grass-Fed Beef Notebook

Resource for Farmers Interested in Grass-Fed Beef

Section 1 Contributors Introduction


Section 2 Grazing Management Resources

Section 3 Direct Marketing

The two additional publications are listed as follows: The first reference is called “How toDirect Market Your Beef” by Jan Holder. The Sustainable Agriculture Network has a pdf of the book at their site: at no charge.

The second reference is from National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. It provides additional direct marketing and other resources for marketing beef. The website is http://www.attra.ncat.organd the article is “Beef Marketing Alternatives”.

Section 4 Processing & Added Value Cuts

Additional materials about Processing and Added Value Cuts can be found at This is called the Beef University- A Foodservice Guide to Beef. The beef check-off dollars have developed a series of modules that covers everything from grading to beef. The information is contains training modules on processing and added value cuts.

Section 5   This section is on Consumer Interest and Demand. The 2009 National Grocers Association-SupermarketGuru Consumer Panel Survey offers the a comprehensive view of consumers andwhat the demand is…:

Section 6 Nutrition, Carcass, Grading & Glossary

Sección 6 Ganado vacuno terminado en sistemas pastoriles

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Section 7 Additional resource